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Part M sets out the requirements for ensuring inclusive access and ease of use for all people, including those with disabilities. It requires that everyone should be able to enter and move through a building with ease, and it is particularly concerned with access to sanitary conveniences. 

This CPD presentation from Eurocell, takes a look at the various requirements of Part M and the guidelines of Approved Document M, in relation to doors and windows, helping specifiers ensure their designs achieve compliance.

What does this CPD about Part M cover?

This CPD begins with a brief look at the Building Regulations and the guidelines for achieving compliance, including the alternative documents for the devolved UK nations.

It then takes an in-depth look at how doors can be specified to ensure inclusivity at entrances and within buildings. Topics covered include:

      Clear openings - how wide doors should be, depending on expected use

      Door closers - including when they should be used and the maximum opening forces

      Vision panels - when they’re required and their recommended sizes

      Door hardware - placement and design

The presentation also looks at the guidelines about window controls and clear access routes.

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